The Congregration has a thankful outlook on the Associazione Faà di Bruno, as precious as a gift of the Lord.

The goal of the association is living the spirit of the Blessed Francesco Faà di Bruno together with the Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage, each one providing the gift of his identity in a constant and reciprocal exchange of gifts.

The members of the association are catholic lay volunteers who desire to live the charism, the spirituality and the mission of the Blessed Founder in the fields of everyday life, culture, charity and social commitment: they are involved in activities in the schools, missions, care for the elder, care for children, women’s helpdesk, hospitality for youth, spirituality, prayer, catechesis

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Throughout the years, we organised the following groups in order to coordinate and encourage the several volounteer activities and works:



No-profit Missionary Association “Missioni Faà di Bruno”




The Association is inspired by the charism of the Blessed Faà di Bruno.

Its goal is realising charitable initiatives in the field of social assistence, education and healthcare in favour of the most vulnerable members of the society: children, women, the elder, the poor and the sick, with a particular regard towards developing or arretrated Countries.


In the XIX Century Piedmont, Faà di Bruno was personally committed in charitable activities, organising and founding a great number of apostolic and charitable activities; these activities still exist and are the everyday task of the Congregation of the Minim Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage,

moved by the deepest love for the ones who are in the most urgent want.

Not only are they present in Turin, but also in some other Italian cities and towns and, since many years, the Sisters have been extending their action beyond the national borders, in Argentina,Colombia, Romania, and Congo. Wherever a mission is present, it aims at providing a

ready and effective answer to the concrete needs of the local reality.


Volare più in alto (Flying Higher Association)


The goal of the association is to promote, realise and coordinate no-profit activities related with the fields of  culture, formation, recreation, arts and not agonistic sports.

Facilities, services and initiatives are dedicated to all the members who have the right of enjoying them according to the regulation. The Association is allowed to undertake activies aimed at raising funds and support, make agreements and collaborations  with other similar organisations, both from Italy and abroad, and enter into conventions with other private institutions or with the public body.


Center of Study


The Center of Study mantains a tight collaboration with the Institute of the Minim Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage and the lay Francesco Faà di Bruno association.

It is inspired by the principle of human and christian solidarity and aims at promoting the knowledge of Faà di Bruno’s thought, personality and works, peculiar of a man in whom science and faith were inseparably conjugated, an excellent model of christian life at the service  of God, humankind and peace.

Museum Guides


The guides are volounteers fascinated by Faà di Bruno’s personality who decided to generously dedicate a part of their time in the divulgation of his life accompaining the visitors through a nine room path.

In the museum, visitors can see original scientific instrumentation that belonged to Faà di Bruno, learn more about his life and works, visit his apartment and conclude the experience discovering the church of Our Lady of Suffrage and the clock tower, both designed by the Blessed.

In particular, since its foundation in 1997, the Association has individuated the following fundamental points:

  • To coordinate studies and researches on Faà di Bruno’s thought and works in the historical context of the 19th century in Piedmont, underlining his modernity
  • To organise social, cultural, artistical, religious activities such as meetings, exhibitions, concerts, related with the Charism and the works of Faà di Bruno.
  • To promote the interchange of informations with other Centers through the organisation of meetings on various shared interests for the benefit of the community.
  • To research, catalogue, study, reorder and organise the scientific, musical, cartographic and religious material concerning the Bd. Faà di Bruno, in order to promote its knowledge and divulgation
  • To bring knowledge of his thought, works in science and religion  into the schools of every degree, demonstrating his role of forerunner in the promotion of women and using at the aim the economicre sources of the Institiution, provided that the activities be no-profit

EFFEDIBI (F.D.B., initials of Faà di Bruno and Figli di Don Giovanni Bosco -Sons of John Bosco)


via Tosca Fiesoli nr. 84 - Campi Bisenzio (FI)

c/o ex Convento Suore Nostra Signora del Suffragio

orario segreteria: dalle 18:00 alle 19:00 tutti giovedì




What inspired us

The sincere friendship and the reciprocal esteem between Don Bosco and Faà di Bruno are well known: both operated in the 19th century Turin founding social and educational works dedicated to the poor, the defenceless, women and children.

We want to relive that welcoming christian spirit and we rejoiced a project still existing in 2003, when the Sisters, together with a number of former pupils and the teachers of the Faà di Bruno School decided to meet and to organise comunitary activities, such as the praying of the rosary in May.

Now, where in the past there existed a convent, we have an educational center for youngsters and children who can do their homeworks in the afternoon and have fun, always under the assistance of our volounteers.

Furthermore, another group of volounteers promotes prayer and adoration meetings.

With the help of whoever desires to support us, our activities will grow and variate and our dreams will come true.


We are looking forward to seeing you!

The support of generous lays is fundamental not only in Italy: we have undertaken many collaborations also in every country where we have a mission, Congo, Romania, Argentina and Colombia.






Strada 22 Decembrie 26 - 415200 Beius - BH - Romania

Tel 0040 259 32.31.41



Since 2016, lays have been carrying on the Sisters’ mission in Beius, Romania.

They look after Rom children and problematic families in a day-open Center.

They are also following a group of young orphans in their social insertion paths.Learn More

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