Mission in Eastern Europe


The Congregation of the Minim Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage arrived in Beius, Transylvania (Romania) in 1998.

At the time, there was an orphanage in the town that hosted more the 300 young from 3 to 18 of both sexes.

They were tutored by unqualified educators and, once the orphans had reached the majority, they had to abandon the orphanage even if they were still not able to survive alone.

Nobody taught them how to develop their talents, how to handle time and money, they neither knew the basics of personal hygiene, healthcare and  social relationships.

A great number of those unfortunate young got lost in the streets, homeless, obliged to live of their wits or even to prostitute theirselves.

It was then that some young girls called for our help.

In 2000 we purchased a house in Finis (4 km away from Beius) together with the Association “Buon Samaritano” (Good Samaritan), still operating among the orphans in Beius.

We called the project "Arca di Noè" (Noah’s ark) and was supported by our primary school in Turin.

We wanted to recover the girls who desired with work and a well detailed program.

We built a warmhouse next to the house where they could work, experience the toil and the satisfaction coming from earning their everyday bread and working together.

We helped them to organise their own lives concerning expenses, hygiene, running a house.

After the educational period, we got them a job in various factories in Beius surrounds, owned by Italian people.

Thanks to many benefactors, we bought some flats for a a project of intervention and prevention in order to rescue girls at risk of kidnapping and sexual exploitment.

The sisters committed immediately also in education of poor and emarginated children.

In Beius, we opened a center for children whose families are experiencing troubles or who were homeless.

We offer them a warm meal, education and help with homeworks and their school progress, next to religious formation and recreational activities in group.

In the center, different cultures met: Rumanians, Magyars, Roms, also with different religions; roman-catholics, greek-catholics,orthodoxes, penthecostals, reformed.

At present, about thirty children attend the center everyday and from 2016 it is run by our associated lays.

We opened another center in Ioanis, a hamlet 8 km away from Beius, thanks to the collaboration of the no-profit organisation “Incontro fra popoli” (Meeting of peoples) of Cittadella (Padua).

We started a second day-center in 2003 intended for Rom children who attend the school but cannot actually learn because of the lack of an adequate nutrition and of somebody who can help them in the homeworks, being their parents often illiterate.

About forty children attend the center every day:we offer to everyone a warm meal, clothings, school material, help with the homeworks, leisure and healthcare if necessary.

We donated it to the Caritas of Oradea in 2012 which is currently running it.

In 2001, Gabriela Disca and Lina Antalut left that land feeling called by Jesus and our Founder’s charism.

They are the first Rumanian nuns of our Congregation, followed by Cristiana Antal who joined our congregation after having moved to Italy to find work.

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