Writings of the Founder

In this section you have access to some of Faà di Bruno’s writings.


Writings about the founder

In this section you have access to some writings on Faà di Bruno’s life and works, in Italian English and French.


Various topics

drawn from the "Heart of Mary"



Who was?


The Blessed Francesco Faà di Bruno, born in Alexandria (formerly Kingdom of Sardinia, now Piedmont, Italy) on March, 29th 1825, belonged to a family of ancient nobilty, the Marquises of Bruno.


The Faà di Bruno had a long tradition of great members who made their way through the fields of religion, army and politics.

After his studies, Francesco took up the military career: he became Captain in the Piedmontese Army and Aide-de-camp of the Prince Vittorio Emanuele (the future Vittorio Emanuele II,first King of Italy) and with this degree he fought in 1848, during the First Independence War that the Sardinian Kingdom fought with the Italian patriots against the Austrian Empire.

During the conflict, he designed the first topographic maps of the Mincio River, which will be a decisive strategical instrument during the 1860 ‘s war, won by the Savoia against the Austrians.


When Vittorio Emanuele II acceded to the throne, he decided to appoint Francesco as Mathematics and Science house tutor of his two sons, Umberto (heir to the throne) and Amedeo (future king of Spain).

To complete and enhance his education, Francesco moved to Paris and attended

 the Sorbonne  under the great mathematician Augustin Cauchy. He got his degree in Mathematics on March, 10th 1851.

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Our Charism


Contemplating the Paschal Mistery, the Bd. Francesco caught the highest espression of Christ’s love in the sentence "He loved them until the end"

(John, 13, 1)

This is the fundamental tenet of our identity of Minim Sisters of Our Lady of Suffrage, the unlimited love towards the living and the dead brethren.


Our mission

We participate in the evangelising mission of the Church through our prayers and with the offering of ourselves as joyful witnesses.


In our apostolic activity, the integral formation of the human person takes on a key role through the following points:

• Promotion of the woman’s dignity, mainly when she is in situations of discomfort and exploitation

• The formation of a right conscience of the human being, so that he is always able to make free and responsible choices in every situation and environment.


In this way, we give birth to our Father and Founder ‘s desire of "trying to guide to God the greatest number of souls".

(F. Faà di Bruno, Notes, Various thoughts, p 5)


In Francesco Faà di Bruno’s spiritual itinerary the dimension of charity emerges: it is charity that makes us live in communion with whom has preceded us in the Eternity.

This spiritual tension can be felt in our prayers and our actions of suffrage in favour of all the  people who passed away.


We are called to be women of Hope, our life announces to everybody "the never disappointing Hope, Jesus Christ" (Romans, 5,5)

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let it inspire you!




Dear  woman

Do you feel inside of you the suffering and the anguish which make fall so many people into the darkness and the desperation?

Do you feel inside of you the sorrows of the ones who have lost their dear relatives and friends?

Do you fell inside of you that death cannot be the end of everything?

Then, ask Jesus:

  • What do you expect from me?’
  • How can I make my life beatiful and meaningful, being led by God and for sake of many brothers?


And here His answer is: come after me!


It will be the most beautiful adventure, the only adventure that really deserves all of you


Do not fear this world that passes by, for "Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never" (Matthew, 24,35)


Do not fear to surrender to God, come with us and be herald of hope, come with us and relieve so many souls waiting for our prayers.

In the moment of sorrow and lonelyness, wouldn’t you fell pleased if somebody lent you a hand?

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